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We see each member as an individual and understand that individuals have specific needs. Our members have different training histories, backgrounds and goals, at PTI we have a programme that suits each and every individual that trains with us.



The Fitness program is body composition and muscular endurance focused! There is lots of time under tension, higher repetition and low rest periods to keep the appropriate intensity in the training session. This is the perfect programme if you want to lose weight, gain muscle and improve your overall health and fitness! This is also the perfect programme for the person that might be new to resistance training.



The Performance program has a bigger focus on Strength development and introduces other aspects of strength & speed development. Gymnastics and olympic weightlifting variations are incorporated in this programme. This programme finds the balance between functional fitness and body composition goals.



The goal here is to improve Absolute Strength and Muscular endurance throughout all the major compound lifts; Squat variations, Deadlift, Bench Press, Strict Press and Power Cleans. There is a small focus on transferring absolute strength to Speed Strength and Strength Speed. The accessory work each day will be focused around classic body building style training and core work!



The Competition programme is our most advanced level of programming. Gymnastics and weightlifting become more complex and intense in this programme to create a higher training stress. The focus here is to get members ready for functional fitness competitions. The right recovery through sleep and nutrition is extremely important here with this program being more complex and placing a bigger stress on the body.

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