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We meet all potential new members individually before they can join the gym and train in our group sessions. We meet new members for 1-5 fundamental classes.


The first fundamentals session allows us to run through a movement assessment, chat about your training history, explain a bit about our programming, decide what programming route would suit you best when you start training with us and then start into the first movement session. Everyone joining up needs to complete three fundamentals training sessions with a coach unless they can demonstrate they have adequate experience in all movements and are safe to begin training. The fundamentals sessions are all one to one and they cost €40 per session. The main focus of the fundamentals sessions is assessing movement, mobility work, barbell/dumbbell work, kettle bell work and bodyweight movements so that they are safe to train in our groups and understand how our classes run.

Your fundamentals coach will inform you of how to download our app, purchase your membership and book into your first group class!

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