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The 'Socially Distant Training' Gyms

At PTI we provide individual socially distant training for our members.

We pride ourselves on providing the right programming and coaching for each and every member of our community while prioritising their health and safety.

PTI Measures & Protocols


Temperature Checking

Our coach will welcome you to they gym and take your temperature. All coaches and members must wear a mask at this stage. Members and coaches will then sanitise on entry into the building/

Contact Tracing

All our members names and training times are noted by the coach and kept for contact tracing purposes.

Individual Training Zone & Equipment

Each member is given a designated training zone and individual training equipment. No one shares equipment and are training as an individual in their training zone/pod.


Each member is provided with disinfectant and sanitisation equipment and must wipe down all touch points before leaving. 

With a transition period of 15minutes between training times, this gives our coaches time to spray frequently touched areas and equipment throughout the gym floor with the TECCare daily solution. This solution kills all pathogens and viruses within 1 minute and dries within 10minutes.

PTI is infection prevention Ireland approved: we use TecCare formula daily (every hour), control solution (once per week) & ultra disinfection (once per month) with our Electrostatic disinfection gun.

One-way System

Each member enters through the front door and must exit through the back door. There are sanitisation stations at entry and exit points that all members must use when entering and leaving the gym.

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